If you care about your environmental footprint and want to minimise your impact on the planet then a gift purchased from our BioD Range will certainly fit the brief.

BioD is a unique biodegradable vegan material. It can be crafted like traditional leather products and makes beautiful case bound notebooks, travel gifts or desk accessories. The environmental benefits of this material are at the end of life; the BioD material has a patented structure that biodegrades in compostable conditions within 180 days.

Is this for real you might well ask! The simple answer is yes. The material is degraded by micro organisms naturally occurring in the soil, which break down the polymetric chains, ultimately leaving carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

No need to fear – your passport wallet or luggage tag will not start to break down during normal use. Our products are turned and stitched, designed last the test of time whilst in normal use. It is only once actually buried that the microbes are attracted and can break it down.

BioD Logo Biodegradable Product

In an ideal world, no one would ever dispose of an item to landfill but we are realists. We know that even the most useful and desirable gift may eventually end up being disposed of, even if this is several years down the line. The bio-degradable nature of this range ensures that when that point comes, the product will not languish in landfill for years to come. It will break down within a reasonable length of time back into the soil.

At Cesca we feel the hero product from the range is the Flexi Refillable Notebook Jacket.

The beauty of this notebook that it is has recycled, biodegradable and recyclable content. The cover with strap and pen loop contains a lined white book block which is made form 100 % recycled waste. The notebook can be replaced once you have finished it and either kept or recycled in normal paper recycling. We supply the refill blocks that simply slip into the cover to be used over and over again. Once you do feel the need to dispose of it, the whole cover will biodegrade within 180 days in compostable conditions.

The material biodegrades best when not mixed with other materials, such as lining or board, so most of the products offered are simple, with no lining or card to stiffen them. However, we do offer a few products where we add some recycled card such as coasters and mouse mats. These will take longer to biodegrade due to the cardboard, however it will still biodegrade much more quickly than alternative PU products.

The Bio D Range aims to minimise the end of life impact on the environment whilst still providing an attractive quality gift. Little features, like no metal buckles on the luggage tags, are to ensure that the biodegradable element of the product is not lost. This is why we also do not use traditional linings or any other unnecessary material in the product. The product is therefore more simple in design, but this is deliberate and to reinforce the sustainable credentials of the range.