If you care about the environment and want a high quality a4 notebook we have the perfect solution. Our BioD A4 Notebook is made from a biodegradable outer material. The inner paper if cream lined from a managed source and when you finish your notebook no need to send it to landfill.  Tear out the inner paper block this can be added to your household paper recycling. The cover can then be placed in compostable waste and will biodegrade ion around three to four months. The card in the cover slows the process slightly but in compostable conditions the BioD material is proven to biodegrade in 180  days. This a4 notebook ideal for your desk, the paper is sewn bound so it lies entirely flat, this makes it easy to write on both sides of the page, there is a handy ribbon page marker to keep your place.  At Cesca all of our notebooks are made in the UK, this reduces the airmiles of the product but also helps to sustain skills and jobs in the UK. We aim to preserve traditional skills for generations to come as well as safeguarding the environment and there is no need for this notebook to add to landfill once you have finished using it. BioD is available in a range of five colours.