The ultimate eco-conscious notebook. The BioD notebook is hardbacked and casebound with 100% recycled paper.

The white lined paper is recycled from waste paper that would usually be destined for landfill. The inner card is also recycled.

The cover is a patented material that looks like a traditional book covering — but is biodegradable in compostable conditions. This means that once you have finished using your notebook, and if you don’t want to keep your notes, you can pull the paper out and recycle it in your everyday office or household recycling.

The book cover can then go into your compostable waste and will biodegrade. It works by attracting microbes that break down the bonds in the material.

Cesca’s BioD notebooks are crafted in the UK to lessen the carbon footprint. We minimise waste by using all of the material — even the scraps to make other small products. We use traditional bookbinding techniques to produce quality books.

Our BioD A5 Notebook is available in a range of five colours.