BioD Compact Pocket Notebook is ideal for your pocket or bag it is available in a choice of five colours. This is the ultimate eco conscious notebook, because the cover is biodegradable, the paper is recycled and the notebook is made in the UK to reduce the carbon footprint. The pages are 80gsm recycled white lined paper which is sewn bound, This allows the book to lie completely flat when in use to create the perfect surface for writing. The paper is recycled from waste paper that would normally be destined for landfill, thus reducing the mountains of paper waste that go to landfill every year.  The cover is made from a lightly textured BioD material which unlike plastics is biodegradable in compostable conditions. This means that once you have finished using your notebook the paper book block can be torn from the cover and placed in your normal office or house hold recycling.  Then the book cover can be placed into your compostable heap or compostable waste and will biodegrade in around 180 days.  The BioD material is produced so that the fibres attract microbes that break down the bonds and the material slowly decomposes. Cesca’s BioD notebooks are crafted in the UK which not only helps to reduce the miles they travel but also allows us to employ and train local people saving traditional bookbinding techniques for the generations to come.