What We Do
Cesca specialise in crafting colourful notebooks, desk & travel accessories and home goods in real and faux leather. We have a thing about colour and aim to offer you choice to match or contrast your accessories to your home, office or occasion.

Cesca_Notebooks_CollectionWhy We Do It
Here at Cesca we have been making beautiful notebooks and leather accessories for many years, we specialise in colour and can achieve thousands of colour combinations. We all have our own favourites, but have been frustrated by our corporate clients, who despite our best efforts to persuade them otherwise want to give away predominantly black gifts to their clients.

As one black day followed another, we decided it was time to unleash our colourful selection of desk, travel and home accessories to the public in the hope that we could release our craftsmen & women from the dark side and allow the colours of our notebooks, cardcases and folders to shine through.
We of course have nothing against black it is a great colour and is a wardrobe staple but when a pink travel or passport wallet is required for your hen weekend or a red season ticket card holder is required to match your favourite football team, we felt we needed to be there for you.
OK so your team might be navy blue, turquoise, yellow, purple or green we have them all, if we haven’t covered your colour then us know and we can add it to the collection.

Cesca_Card_Cases_CollectionAt Cesca we offer a colourful quality product, made lovingly by our crafts men and women, in both real leather or manmade leatherette. You may ask what is leatherette? Well it looks and feels like genuine leather, it’s soft and supple. It acts like real leather and makes the most beautiful notebooks, cardcases, wallets and folders. Yet it is totally man-made no animals, insects or other living creatures are harmed in its creation. Yet it still looks and acts like leather, which has traditional been used to craft fine notebooks, desk accessories and gifts since time began. Leather is one of the first recycled goods, a buy product of food production. We offer several ranges of real leather gifts alongside our leatherette, the choice is yours.

Cesca_Desk_Accessories_CollectionBe it real leather or leatherette we use the same high quality craftsman’s ship to create our products, to ensure everyone reaches you in perfect condition.

Where We Came From
Our team of craftsmen and women work form our headquarters in Northamptonshire, where they beaver away to create the beautiful notebooks, desk accessories and gifts you see on our site. Northamptonshire is the home of British shoe trade, where fine shoes have been manufactured throughout the ages. The county was the home of some of the finest tanneries & shoe companies in the country. Sadly many of these have now closed down with a few notable exceptions such as Churchs, Crocket & Jones & Cheaney’s who still craft some of the finest shows in the world. As shoe manufacture moved abroad and workers were made redundant, so many skills were lost. The skills of the clickers and closers, the skivers and embossers lost. At Cesca we have a long and proud history of supplying the shoe and leather trade and our key aim is to rekindle these crafts in the UK. Although some of our products are made abroad we are increasingly crafting our products in the UK. See our beautiful notebooks, all made in the UK, our lovely mouse-mats, coasters and desk pads crafted by our skilled team in a range of beautiful colours.

Where we are going
The aim of Cesca is to produce a range of colourful quality office, travel and home accessories and to rebuild our UK manufacturing to bring skilled jobs back to Northamptonshire. We have been helped by Northampton County Council and NEP.

Who We Are
Cesca are a family run business, with a loyal team of extended family members, beavering away to make colourful and creative leather gifts. A good few of us are from Northamptonshire with a smattering of converts from across Europe. We are always on the lookout for fine leather crafts men and women so if you want to join us please do get in touch.